Organizer Office

Trends in Accounting Research Conference (TARC) 2019,
Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Prof. Dr. Jan-Hendrik Meier
Kiel University of Applied Sciences / Fachhochschule Kiel
School of Business
Sokratesplatz 2
24149 Kiel

Conference Venue

Kiel University of Applied Sciences / Fachhochschule Kiel
Lecture Building 2
24149 Kiel

Attention, there are several universities in Kiel that are often confused.
Please always give taxi drivers the full address!​

The conference venue is located directly on the campus Sokratesplatz. It is the building with the sloping colorful roofs.
Here is a plan of the campus:


How to find the Campus in Kiel?

The campus of the University of Applied Sciences is located at the east bank of the Kiel bay, opposite of the city centre. Accordingly, we recommend to use the taxi sevice. Nevertheless, at the days of the conference, meeting points at the main station will be established to organize a trip together with all participants.

Bus from the main station in roughly 20 minutes:
Bus line 11 in the direction of "Dietrichsdorf". Leave the bus at "Fachhochschule".
Bus line 60s in the direction of "Schwentinestraße". Leave the bus at "Grenzstraße".

Ferry service from "Reventlou" pier (west bank). Disembarg at "Dietrichsdorf" (east bank).
Here is a plan of the kiel bay area:

How to get to Kiel?

Kiel can best be reached via the international airport of Hamburg. A bus service ("Kielius") runs every hour from Hamburg airport to Kiel main station.

For train travelers , the journey via the central station of Hamburg is recommended. There is an hourly train connection between Hamburg Central Station and Kiel Main Station.

Those guests arriving by car should take the A7 motorway, which stretches from the Austrian border to the Danish border of Germany. Travelers from the South leave the A7 at the Bordesholmer motorway junction and change to the A215 in the direction of Kiel. Travelers from the north leave the A7 at the interchange Rendsburg and change to the A210 in the direction of Kiel. The A210 and the A215 meet shortly before Kiel and direct the traffic directly to the city center, where most of the hotels are located. If you want to drive directly to the University of Applied Sciences, leave the motorway at the junction "Kiel Mitte" and follow the signs "Ostuferhafen".